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[Sam Son] Tis the Season of Giving
[Sam Son] Tis the Season of Giving
  • Sam Son
  • 승인 2020.12.23 22:13
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Tis the Season of Giving

The silver lining of 2020


Whether we’re writing letters, popping crackers, or decorating trees this Christmas, there remains little resemblance in our communities to how we’ve started this 2020. And as times of crisis have often shown, the COVID-19 pandemic was no different in highlighting the systemic disparities across various sectors in our society. In other words: the rich find ways to cope and line their pockets while the marginalized are left to bear the full brunt of the struggle.

But here’s the silver lining, and there always is a silver lining.

Amongst the turmoil and havoc 2020 has wrought upon us, people have been swift in rising up and taking stewardship in philanthropic giving.

A truly selfless act

Not a week ago, MacKenzie Scott published through her medium an inspirational account of her second major philanthropic gift of 2020, $4.2 billion to 384 different organizations driving impact through

leadership, each specialized in addressing specific inequities in diverse governance.

The truth of the matter is, most of us don’t have a million --let alone billions to donate.

What is so inspiring about MacKenzie’s $4.2 billion givings is not the sheer amount given, but the data-driven research and the deeper diligence in her philanthropic process.

“Because our research is data-driven and rigorous, our giving process can be human and soft.” is how she described the process.

At first it seemed like an oxymoron, but as I wrap the Christmas gifts I have prepared for my two daughters -- personal, specialized, and appropriate; rigorously analyzed through various data accumulated from various interactions; identifying and eliminating risks, I am reminded of MacKenzie’s philanthropic process and inspired by what I can only explain     is love and generosity

the silver lining.

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