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Bhagbati Chaudary’s Contribution to COVID Response Fund
Bhagbati Chaudary’s Contribution to COVID Response Fund
  • Rewati Raman Dhakal 기자
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Bhagbati Chaudhary handing over the cheque to Prime minister KP Sharma Oli for the government COVID response fund. 


Vulnerable people are dying in a country. Markets are closed and the economy is dropping as more people are tested positive for COVID-19. Health care workers are risking their lives by going to work, and many of us are spending more time in physical and social distancing than humanity had ever observed.

But in this critical time BhagbatiChaudhary is in the front line to provide care and support to the poor and hard hit population in Nepal. She is not a new name in the philanthropy sector rather a role model to look up to in the country where millions of girls and women are deprived from education and economic opportunities.

It will be weird if we do not touch into Bhagbati’s efforts which has played crucial role in transforming the society.

She is the founder and President of the FORWARD Community Microfinance BittiyaSanstha Ltd. that operates for economic empowerment. Currently, one million people from two lakh fifty seven thousand households in the 39 districts of Nepal are benefitedby her organization.

BhagbatiChaudhary has been successful in changing the notion of philanthropy by proving that the world's poorest people are not a passive recipients waiting for favor rather the untapped workforce desperate for an opportunity to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty and change their destiny.

She has always stepped up in helping people and communities through personal gestures or financial contributions. Observing the chaotic situation unfolded due to COVID 19, she could not remain detached and already donated around 4 million Nepalese rupees out of which 1.5 million was to the Federal and 2.5 million to the Provincial COVID response fund from her organization. Not only during COVID Bhagbati is seen alongside in every difficult time.

Her acts of kindness have given hope to many and helped in saving numerous lives.Bhagbati also urges everyone to join hands in fighting with this global emergency and establishing a precedent of hope and unity.

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