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Shih Wing-ching Donates for Rural Development "
Shih Wing-ching Donates for Rural Development "
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Shih Wing-ching is a Hong Kong businessman. His family is from Ningbo in Zhejiang but he came to Hong Kong at an early age. In 1978 he established Centaline Property Agency Limited, which is now one of the largest property agencies in both Hong Kong and China.

Since the early years, Shih Wing-ching had begun to donate to charities occasionally. Considering the positive impact and response from the people, he became more and more interested in donating through charity to narrow down the social gaps.

In 1994, Shih Wing-ching Foundation was established in Hongkong. At first, he just injected part of his personal income into the foundation to finance some NGOs and did not carry out independent projects.

In 2008, Shih Wing-ching injected his own shares of Centaline Property and other two companies into the Shih Wing-ching foundation and begun to launch their own projects. The project targeted to solve three issues comprising agriculture, countryside, and farmers of China Mainland. The donation was of 4 billion 500 million Hong Kong dollars at that time, accounting for about 80% of its personal wealth.

For the relationship between the rich and the wealth, Shih Wing-ching has a clever metaphor. "Who makes a lot of money, but just spend several pieces of those banknotes. We do not get the chance to spend all of them at a time, so it is not rational to work arduously only for the sake of money?”

Shin Wing-Ching was impressed by the Grameen Bank, founded by Mohammad Yunus in 1983 in Bangladesh. The bank served poor people by offering small loans to them, and Yunus had won the Nobel Prize in economics in 2006. Shih Wing-ching and his charity partner Chen Qingyun refer to this model in the countryside of the Mainland of China. Since 2008, the foundation carried out more than 500 projects in nearly 20 provinces. The project comprised offering small loans, building roads and bridges, water dam and reserve construction, culture and education protection and promotion, environmental protection and support to the farmers' cooperative organizations. The total investment for the project was 188 million yuan.

"We don’t decide what to do in the countryside, but let the people who live in the countryside decide how to do it. So we give them some money, and they can solve a lot of problems with it.” He said. In Shih Wing-ching's view, it is a sustainable way to the third distribution, and it can effectively encourage farmers to participate in solving the issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area. 
It highlights that Shih Wing-Ching was more motivated for the

Mr. Shih Wing-Ching 


rural development of China and narrowing the gaps between rich and poor

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