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 Fundraising Training for Non Profit Organizations Held in Kathmandu
 Fundraising Training for Non Profit Organizations Held in Kathmandu
  • Rewati Raman Dhakal 기자
  • 승인 2019.06.30 14:53
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Nepal Center for philanthropy and Development (NCPD) has successfully conducted one-day training on fundraising for key leaders of nonprofit organizations and charities in Nepal on 10th June 2019.

The training "Keys to Fundraising Success and Capacity Building" was designed for the senior level participants representing NGOs and INGOs in Nepal. The resource person of the training was Ms. Aliyah Karen, CEO of Medicare Charitable Foundation, Malaysia.  In addition to, deeper knowledge and experiences in fundraising, capacity building Ms. Karen is also sound in enabling charities to be impactful and sustainable. She also happens to be a very compassionate donor to small charities in Nepal and some South East Asian countries.

During the session, she had provided tailored pragmatic knowledge, tools, and techniques suitable and effective in Nepalese context. The training has enhanced skills, networks and confidence in resource mobilization and sustaining charities says Mr. Urgen Lama one of the participants of the training.

 In talking with Nepalayatimes, CEO of Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD) Rewati Raman Dhakal, quoted the Development Cooperation Report of Finance Ministry and shed light on the reducing foreign aid and causing financial distress and vulnerability to I/NGOs too. He also unveiled the closure of charities due to increasing financial constraints after 2017 and the importance of such training in Nepal.  

As resources becoming more limited and demand increases, the training on how to raise and grow funding sources and sustain a program are of utmost importance for revenue diversification and sustainability to organize said Mr. Bishal Rai, Director of NCPD.  He added that having an expert from an international level is very valuable in bringing innovative ideas and skills to Nepal and also open new doors of opportunities.

Participantss of the Keys to Succussful Fund Raising and Capacity Building Training Sharing Their Views.
Participants of the Keys to Successful Fund Raising and Capacity Building Training sharing their views.

28 participants representing 7 NGOs and 10 INGOs have taken part in the training where Ms. Aliyah Karen had also provide free advice to charities leaders on becoming more independent and impactful as well as reducing donor dependency.

Most importantly, Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development(NCPD) also organized field visits, consultative meetings and networking events to benefits emerging charities within and outskirts of Kathmandu valley from Ms. Aliyah expertise and networks. She had advised to charities working for children with spinal cord injuries, street children, a hospital dedicated for children and an NGO led to support marginalized women working in an entertainment industry during her visit to Nepal.

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