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[Beni Gopal Mundara]
[Beni Gopal Mundara]
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Beni Gopal Mundara: A Philanthropist Developing Human Capital

Mr. Beni Gopal Mundara is a Vice Chairman of DEBENARA Group of Industries in Nepal. Apart from being a very successful and vibrant businessman, he has been actively involved doing much remarkable social work.

He is in philanthropy for nearly four decade and his contribution can be observed and felt in Nepal as well as in some parts of India. He has contributed and led several projects including building schools, community centers, cremation centers, hospitals, water tanks, shelters of animals, temples and cementation centers etc.

Mundra has been felicitated with several national and international prestigious awards including an honor from International Rotary Foundation.

He had entered into Rotary in 1996 by joining Rotary Club of Biratnagar. Mr. Mundara is also whole heartedly supporting the Rotary Foundation. Consequently, he has been awarded with the title of Major Donor in 2008 and followed by Major Donor Plus from 2013 and 24 members of his family, including the two years old daughter in law as Paul Harris fellows.

We are glad to present a brief interview with Mr. Mundara taken by our Mango Post's Chief Editor Mr. Rewati Raman Dhakal recently.

1. What motivated you to stepping into the field of social work?

It was my father foot prints and direction that guided me in serving people and communities. He often used to say “Neki ko Dariya Mein Daal; the phrase in Hindi means continuing your contribution and nobility towards society but do not showcase it. I am also motivated from the Rotary International which has immense contribution around the world.

2. You look full in energy, where do you get such energy to lead social projects?

Now, I am 69 years old. I don’t know how I get strength even at this age. However, I can give credit especially to my elder brother as well as to my entire family members.

I really feel vacuum and and incomplete on the day I fail to do any social work and visit to our social project sites.

3. Why did you currently adopt the cremation chamber building project and how do you raise fund for your social activities?

Initially, cremation chamber was of Marwari Community's and eventually undertook by government. However, in 2002, government handed over that to Marwari Service Committee and the committee urged me to take a lead.

Regarding the fundraising, our family members donated around 2 million. There is also voluntary donation from a people who come for funeral process.

4. Out of several projects you are leading which one is very close to your heart?

I was fortunate to lead several hard ware projects. Out of them some were building hospitals, water tanks, shelters for animals, community buildings, temples, schools, cremation centers and also software project like vocational trainings for youths and women, literacy and hunger projects, polio eradication, cataract surgery, and emergency and post disaster relief and response services and support projects.

In regard of my most loved project, I am always keen to work for school building and education project. I believe that I do in fact have a closer connection with children who are a capital of nation. All in all it is a rewarding sector cum industry that produces human capital from our national building.

5. Could you elaborate a little upon what you mean by “School is rewarding industry”?

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habit. Similarly, as we compare a manufacturing factory it process raw materials and produce a finished products. Likewise, school is instrumental in shaping one’s personality and country's future.

6. If you were to give a message to the youth of the country what would that message be?

We all know that it’s the youth who hold the potential of transforming nations. It is therefore essential for youths to own the social responsibilities. They should possess the qualities like constructive, positive and supportive towards others. They should be willing to work for the people even taking out the time from their busy schedule.

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