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Hope for Future?
Hope for Future?
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Nepal center for philanthropy and development organized the 1st National Philanthropy and fundraising conference which was held on 27-28 feb2019 in Kathmandu. As one of the participant of Sukhawati store I had an opportunity to took part in this program.

When president of Sukhawati asked me to join this conference, I thought that this conference will be same as like any other conference with just for attendance and nothing relevance for me, but after participating, I felt that the event was really good and fruitful for me I learnt fundraising and role of INGO’S and NGO’S to overcome the SDGs

In developing country like us where the economic growth is really big challenges and I am worrying about raising fund for social works

For me, raising fund is a big question recurring inside me everyday however I want to devote myself for those social welfare works after participated in the event I was able to foresee how the other people are working for the same field and the technique they applied to raise the fund really inspired me a lot to continue my work for social cause.

There were different national and international speaker who motivated us and gave us the idea on what fundraising is and how it should be? One of the Key speaker whose idea motivated me was “BUCHEON HOPE FOUNDATION”. This foundation is a local foundation of Korea where they are targeting for Bucheon city. Many other foundation of that society are collaborating with them to work for the welfare of their society. This foundation gave me the insight of what we can do in Kathmandu and if we collaborate with other organization, groups and clubs then it will make our work easier and help to solve the social problem what we are facing at this moment

From the National speaker, Mayor of Belka Municipality progress and their report of municipality gave me the idea how other part of country is progressing and if we have our vision and mission at straight sight then nothing is impossible, just we need to have a will to put it into place.

I was happy to hear and learn other speaker experiences and got many insight for our store which will help in upgrading our store. Beside experience learning, I got too make many friends and hope that in future we will be able to work together for the betterment of society.

I personally want to thank NCPD team for organizing such events and making people connected form all around the world.

- Pragya Sapkota




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