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"Bill to Regulate NGOs in Karnali Province of Nepal"
"Bill to Regulate NGOs in Karnali Province of Nepal"
  • Rewati Raman Dhakal 기자
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The Karnali provincial government has established legal entity: the “Social Service Council”. The aim of the council is to monitor and manage the activities of Non Government Organizations-NGOs in the region. The NGOs of the Karnali Province have to face strict law if the “Social Organization Operation and Management Bill 2018” presented by the Ministry of Social Development at the provincial parliament on Friday, 25th May 2018 will be endorsed by the parliament.

Once the bill will be implemented as an Act, the NGOs (Non Government Organizations) and INGOs (International Non Government Organizations) have to mandatorily register and enlist themselves in the council as stated in the section 3 of the bill. The council will classify I/NGOs and monitor and manage them in organized manner. The bill also enforces mandatory provision to register them in the council who are registered as social organization in line with the organization registration Act 1978 of Nepal.

As per the provision of organizational good governance, the bill also demands NGOs to take prior approval before implementing activities and has to collaborate with local bodies in every fiscal year. The bill has also made a provision on the reporting, where NGOs have to submit the quarterly progress report after 15 days and three months after the completion of annual activities

According the bill, the organization none complying the law will be dismissed. The bill also urged International NGOs to take prior consent from the council and implement the program as per the need of the ground.


Originally from: http://epaper.ekantipur.com/kantipur/2018-05-27/7

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