It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be

MangoPost in a reputed philanthropy online newspaper operated in South Korea. It aims to provide the most inspiring information to general people and donors to and encourage them to be more involved with philanthropy.

It covers appreciative news and creates a conducive environment to advance the philanthropic cultures in Asia. It is primarily dedicated to inform, aware and educate people and donors involved in charity and also promote the engagement of larger population to promote the ownership for the durable positive social change in Asia.

MangoPost; is very reputed among charities and philanthropists in Asia and in around the world. Most importantly, it does not cover critical political news as other mainstream media does. Rather it tries to brings several stakeholders for cooperation and collaboration to avail the adequate motivation and resource to response the issues of society and create durable impact.

The major project activities of the MangoPost are as follows:

1. It empowers philanthropist and donors through information, education, and awareness.:

2. It highlights the area of needs and motivates donors and volunteers to involve and engage to fix the situations.

3. It offers constructive/appreciate news and article and promotes working solidarity among government, non-government and private sector for the philanthropic works.

4. It offers online literature and reading materials free of cost to schools and university students to encourage them to engage in philanthropic issues.

5. It highlights the philanthropic issues of Asia among wider donors' communities and urges for support.

6. It conducts research, studies on the philanthropy across Asia and plays a role to advance the culture of philanthropy.

7. It introduces job opportunities, training, conference, award and about the availability of resources.

· 정부, 미디어, 비영리 단체, 기부자, 기업을 아우르는 필란트로피 산업 내 대화의 장 마련

· 기부문화를 기부산업으로 승화하여 이에 따른 경제 효과와 부 창출

· 아시아 국가를 중심으로, 국가 당 20명의 기자 참여 목표

Our Goal

Why Mangopost?

Mango means ‘mango hada’ in Korean language. It is a proverb where it means to ‘release all the way on purpose’, like releasing a kite to the wind to see where it goes. While it could be seen in a negative light, there’s a positive light to it. As humans are bound to meet their end, like the word ‘korean word of mango’, it is an encouragement to let go of their money back to the society to help it improve.

Mango means ‘trade’ in English language. Mango is an essential food for the underprivileged people in Asian and African countries. It has been declared as a food rather than a fruit to these countries as it has enough nutrients to feed a child as a meal for a day. Hence, when it is brought and given to a child, it is seen as a symbol as a charity food.

망고는 아이들에게 필요한 하루 영양소를 충분히 포함합니다. 그래서 아시아와 아프리카 국가에서 자선 음식으로 여겨지기도 하는데요. 이 때문에 비영리 분야에서는 망고를 금이나 석유처럼 가치를 매기는 하나의 단위로 사용하기도 합니다.

한국에서 ‘망고하다’ 라는 말은 연의 줄이 다 했을 때 그것을 끊어서 보내준다는 뜻으로, 무언가를 미련없이 보내주는 것입니다. 모든 것에는 끝이 있는 법이지요. 그렇기 때문에 사람들은 자신의 것을 사회에 환원하고, 사회가 더욱 발전할 수 있도록 돕습니다.

중국에서는 사람들이 명절 때 서로에게 망고를 선물합니다. 이는 서로에 대한 격식 있는 감사의 표시입니다. 또, 베트남 전통 문화에서 망고는 가족 간의 조화, 물질적인 성공을 상징합니다.